Virginia Diner, Corporation. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanut Allergen in Chocolate Covered Cashews 10 oz. cans

Virginia Diner, Corporation. is under your own accord issuing a recall of 10 oz. cans of Plow &amp Hearth Chocolate Covered Cashews at Plow &amp Hearth’s locations and nationwide (Catalog Shopping) like a precaution simply because they could have peanuts and peanut allergens. Those who have an allergic reaction or severe sensitivity to peanuts risk serious or existence-threatening allergic attack when they consume these items.  A label combine is discovered with a consumer who received and opened up a Cashew Tower Set (3 individual cashew cans) which it’s possible to, the ten oz. Chocolate Covered Cashews, put together to possess Salted Peanuts.

The Virginia Diner, Corporation. is dealing with the U.S. Fda in administering this voluntary recall.  The Virginia Diner hasn’t received any reports of illness or injuries up to now in regards to this product.

Just the following PRODUCT and LOT CODE is affected, located on the bottom of every can:

UPC Code:  085582089193
Weight: 10 oz
Package Type:  Can
Label:  Plow &amp Hearth Chocolate Covered Cashews
Lot Code:  100917 XLSP  
BEST BY:  10 04 18

This recall doesn’t apply holiday to a Virginia Diner or Plow &amp Hearth branded products.

The Chocolate Covered Cashews, utilized in Cashew Towers (item #89291) were offered to and distributed from Plow &amp Hearth catalogs, world wide website, and Plow &amp Hearth Stores between October 25, 2017 and November 17, 2017.  Customers purchased Cashew Towers, in the Plow &amp Hearth Catalog, or purchased the Cashew Tower from the Plow &amp Hearth Store.  Virginia Diner and Plow &amp Hearth are requesting return of cans using the Lot Code of 100917 XLSP to some Plow &amp Hearth store, in order to Plow &amp Hearth’s corporate office in Madison, Veterans administration for any substitute.

Consumers who’ve questions or concerns should contact the Virginia Diner at 866-296-6887, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EDT.

Inside the Cashew Tower is really a can of Plow &amp Hearth Chocolate Covered Cashews (UPC Code: 85582 0919 3).  That one product could have salted peanuts rather of chocolate cashews (another two products within the tower are correct).

When the can of chocolate cashews has got the following information printed at the base from the can, it’s susceptible to this recall (see photo).

When the can doesn’t contain these details but rather includes a CCC printed in the finish from the second type of all information, then it’s not susceptible to this recall and it is acceptable for purchase within the store.  This is actually the only item inside the tower which may be mislabeled, therefore a (CCC) at the base from the chocolate covered cashews verifies the item is true.


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