SODIUM CHLORIDE Injection, Solution [Cardinal Health]

Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for selection of vehicle, appropriate dilution or volume for dissolving the drugs to become injected, such as the route and rate of injection.

Inspect reconstituted (diluted or dissolved) drugs for clearness (if soluble) and freedom from unpredicted precipitation or discoloration just before administration.

Pregnancy Category C. Animal reproduction studies haven’t been conducted with .9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP. It’s also unfamiliar whether sodium chloride injection that contains additives may cause fetal harm when administered to some pregnant lady or can impact reproduction capacity. Sodium chloride injection that contains additives ought to be provided to an expectant lady only when clearly needed.

Pediatric Use: The security and effectiveness within the pediatric population derive from the similarity from the clinical conditions from the pediatric and adult populations. In neonates or really small infants the level of fluid may affect fluid and electrolyte balance.

Drug Interactions

Some drugs for injection might be incompatible inside a given vehicle, or when put together as exactly the same vehicle or in the vehicle that contains benzyl alcohol. Talk to pharmacist, if available.

Use aseptic way of single or multiple entry and withdrawal all containers.

When diluting or dissolving drugs, mix completely and employ quickly.

Don’t store reconstituted solutions of medication for injection unless of course otherwise directed through the manufacturer from the solute.

Don’t use unless of course the answer is obvious and seal intact. Don’t reuse single-dose containers, discard unused portion.


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