The Golden Gates of McDonald’s

Eating foods from McDonald's is harmful to your health

Why is food from McDonald’s will kill you?

McDonald’s today is the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants. The American Corporation is doing everything just not to lose visitors frequently changes the menu, launches a new collection of toys for happy girl and don’t forget to spend money on advertising.

The popularity of McDonald’s has not abated, but many experts still claim that such foods are detrimental to human health. Pectrum results 15 reasons that will convince you to abandon the big Mac and fries forever.

Meat in French fries?

Not long ago, the Corporation assured everyone, vegetarianism, instead of the beef fat fries prepared in 100% olive oil. Part of the word McDonald’s kept, except that before entering into the fryer, the potato is treated with the use of a small amount of natural beef flavouring!

Buns not made from bread

McDonald's buns not made from bread

McDonald’s does not want to have losses. Therefore, perishable cakes added so many preservatives that it can stay “fresh” for several years. One of the magical ingredients — calcium sulfate, which is also known as gypsum. But even worse — ammonium sulphate, can cause nausea and diarrhea.

More expensive healthy food

Prices for fast food are rising and the quality of the food drops. The cost of lunch at McDonalds you can buy a lot of useful products in the store who’d make a nutritious soup for the whole family. In any case, in order to eat economically, you need to prepare yourself.

The Infamous McRib

With the sight of a delicious seasonal Burger at McDonald’s, judging by the title with the ribs. As it turned out, after checking, there are no ribs in sight. This is only a simulation, the semi-finished product is formed so that the cutlet resembled the meat on the ribs.

Quick weight gain

In 2004, the American documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock conducted an interesting experiment: 30 days, man ate only at McDonald’s. During this time he has gained 11 pounds, proving to others that fast food leads to rapid obesity. And extremely high cholesterol is a cause of many diseases, including heart attacks. Orlistat is used to help overweight people to lose weight and reduce the weight gain while eating a reduced-calorie diet. Obesity leads to erectile dysfunction. How to treat the erectile dysfunction?

Childhood obesity

In 2005, British medical publication The New England Journal of Medicine published a report stating that the life expectancy of the current generation of children in America may decline due to obesity. Health of minors depends on the food, but fast food is often the cause of childhood obesity and diabetes. But McDonald’s doesn’t forget to open all new game and release an all-new collection of toys for its younger visitors.

Doubtful meat for cutlets

At McDonald’s saying that burgers are cooked from quality boneless meats with the best plants, and observed the strict control of the entire chain of production. In fact the meat comes from farms where the animals are kept in unsanitary conditions, injected with antibiotics and growth hormones. Moreover, the phrase “100% beef” may imply the presence of minced cow’s eyes or offal.

High phosphate content

Most of the dishes that the food is “rich in” high in phosphates, which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and kidney problems. Of particular concern are the chicken meals from the fast food restaurant.

Sugar in French fries

It is clear that no one thought that the fries could be useful. Only for cooking and even apply glucose, which quickly transformed into fat and greatly affects the level of blood sugar. This fries will fill you up, but only for a short time, and the subsequent feeling of hunger will be stronger than the previous one.

Corn syrup with high fructose content in buns

Many believe that the most harmful in any Burger from McDonald’s — the Burger. Studies show that white bread is no less dangerous. Corn syrup with high fructose and sodium lead to the fact that already 20 minutes after eaten a big Mac in you wakes up again hungry.

How nuggets are prepared

How nuggets are prepared

Famous chef Jamie Oliver showed how McDonald’s is preparing nuggets: the remains of the chicken skin, fat, offal, and even bone, then ground, and then from the mash machine generates all the usual “chicken” pieces. It should be noted that children from the UK refused to eat the resulting nuggets, can not be said about American kids. The Corporation argues that such uses of technology reported by Jamie Oliver.


Many fast food restaurants McDonald’s are a cesspool of unsanitary conditions. Received mass appeal visitors to dirt and the quality of the products. Workers violate health standards, both during cooking and during cleaning of the halls.

More than a month to digest trans fats

TRANS fats represent the unnatural isomers of fatty acids formed, in particular, in the production of margarine and vegetable oils. Margarine and other modified vegetable oil raise cholesterol levels and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, spender, interfering in cell metabolism (substituting unsaturated fatty acids), contributing to the development of certain cancers. And the big Mac contains 1.5 g of TRANS fats and their digestion requires 51 days!

Burgers made from pink slime

In his show “Food Revolution” chef Jamie Oliver tells what really made the burgers for hamburgers. During the production of future cutlets are used in the food waste from meat production, previously washed in ammonium hydroxide to disinfect and impart a pink color. The mixture looked like pink mucus, while adding the thickener and the dye was introduced, the real burgers.

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